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How to help your community during the COVID-19 outbreak

by Gemma Melling

It is often during times of great challenge that we see communities come together, united in its support of one another. Knowsley is no exception, and in just a couple of weeks the borough’s residents are already finding ways to help the most vulnerable.

We remind people of government’s advice to stay home and stay safe. For health information visit the NHS website and for the latest information about the spread of cornavirus and the advice from Government visit Gov.uk.

The Knowsley Better Together ethos

However, those able to help have been, and we have seen people demonstrate Knowsley Council’s ‘Better Together’ approach. Knowsley Better Together is based on the simple principle that more can be achieved if people work together.

During the Coronavirus outbreak Knowsley Better Together is more important than ever. People will be understandably concerned and need more support as government’s new restrictions impact on their daily lives.

Cllr Shelley Powell, Knowsley Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities and Neighbourhoods said: “Despite the challenging circumstances we find ourselves in I am overwhelmed by the examples of community spirit we are already seeing in Knowsley and it makes me proud to represent this borough. Together we can support the national effort to limit the impact of this virus and ensure our more vulnerable residents are looked after in their time of need.”

As authorities work hard to manage a swiftly evolving situation, Knowsley’s communities can help too. Even the very smallest of actions can make a difference to those around us and particularly support the most vulnerable in our borough. We are already seeing so many positive examples of our communities coming together at this difficult time. Here are some things to consider:

Public Health England advice

Follow the advice being given by Public Health England. Doing your bit to reduce the spread of the virus is the best way to make a difference.

Think about others who may need help

Think about your neighbours, family and friends and their needs. If you know someone who is elderly, ill or vulnerable in your community, make contact with them and ask if they need help and if you can stay in touch.

Shop responsibly

Shop responsibly – only buy what you need and do not stockpile. Supermarkets are working with the Government to ensure food and supplies move quickly into the shops and we all have a part to play in making sure everyone can access the things they need, when they need them.

Keep up to date with the latest advice

Make sure you keep up to date with the latest developments and health advice.

Share updates with others

Where neighbours, friends or family don’t have internet access, share any relevant and reliable updates.

Coronavirus Community Support and Volunteer Line

A support line has been created for Knowsley residents needing additional support during the outbreak and for those wanting to volunteer their time or services. Find out how you can offer your time.

Check back to Knowsley News to be inspired

Over the coming weeks we will share inspirational stories of people in Knowsley who are making the borough proud by supporting their local communities. Please continue to visit Knowsley News to see all the latest Coronavirus stories and advice.