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Help for expectant and new families in Knowsley

by Laura Johnston

Having a baby is an exciting time but is sometimes also a worrying one for parents-to-be and new parents not knowing what to expect or what is best for mother and baby, but there’s lots of expert help available in Knowsley.

Two courses are on offer in Knowsley providing guidance, support and essential information to help you give you and your baby the best start. It’s also a great way to meet and share your experiences with other new parents.

Getting to Know Your Baby

Available in all the borough’s children’s centres ‘Getting to Know Your Baby’ helps expectant and new parents to bond with your baby.

Come alng to eight sessions, four before your baby is born and four after, for support on looking after your newborn.

At the sessions, you will find out more about ways to comfort your newborn and how babies develop, learn, communicate and thrive.

Secure attachment will be covered, what it is, why it is important and how you can help your baby develop strong relationships, confidence and a love of learning.

Also find out about shaping the future of your baby’s emotional and physical development and behaviour.

Bump, Baby and Me

The seven week pregnancy course ‘Bump, Baby and Me’ includes help and advice on a range of things including common ailments of pregnancy, labour, hypnobirth, pain relief, mindfulness, mental health, bathing baby, infant feeding, safe sleep, baby massage and finances/ benefits.

You don’t have to book – you can just turn up any time after your 12 week scan to receive some great advice, meet other parents-to-be and enjoy some refreshments.

Partners or grandparents are welcome to come along too.

The sessions run on a Thursday from 10am to 12pm at Hilltop Children’s Centre from 11 January to 22 February 2018 and from 22 February to 5 April 2018 at Southmead Children Centre.

For further information about either course, or any of the support available to expectant and families in Knowsley, speak to your community midwife, Allison Wright, a Public Health Midwife on 07769 234394, or Hilltop Children’s Centre on 1051 443 5301