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Help create safer streets in Knowsley

by Jonathan Kearney

Knowsley Council is seeking the input of residents to help make journeys in the borough safer for everyone.

The Council want the help of people living in the borough to identify where traffic calming measures may be necessary or where footpaths require widening.

Knowsley Liveable Streets is seeking to ensure our streets are liveable and safe both during and potentially after the COVID-19 Crisis.

Measures that could be introduced as part of the initiative may include:
• widening footways on high streets to ensure those walking and those queuing for essential goods are able to keep 2m from each other.
• installing measures to restrict through traffic from using residential streets. This will ensure that social distancing can occur on residential streets especially in locations that form an access route to a local amenity.

The measures introduced will help enable residents using our streets to remain safe both from risk of infection and from road danger.

Knowsley Liveable Streets is seeking to enhance spaces for pedestrians and people on bikes across the Borough, enabling social distancing for safe essential journeys and exercise.

You can contribute to Knowsley Liveable Streets by following the instructions on the website by the end of Saturday 31 October.