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Hazardous e-liquids removed from sale

by Comms Team

A large number of potentially dangerous e-liquids have been removed from sale in Knowsley because they could cause harm to children.

The products are sold in packaging which makes them look like food products and, as such, are more likely to be attractive to children and young people.

They contain nicotine, do not carry the necessary warning signs and can be extremely dangerous if mistaken for food and swallowed.

Knowsley Council’s Trading Standards officers seized the products from five business premises in Huyton, Kirkby and Prescot.

Which products are affected?

The products which have been taken off the shelves include:

  • Mech Shakes
  • Drippy Lee Pounding Clouds
  • Milky Cones Vapory
  • ‘Murica
  • Milkshake Man
  • Kreamy Vapes

Why have they been removed?

These products have been examined and the packaging does not include important information, such as health warning symbols, hazard warnings or the concentration of nicotine in the e-liquid.

It is also an offence to supply such products which are not food, but which could easily be confused with food due to their packaging or shape – particularly by children – and pose a serious risk of harm if they are placed in the mouth.

What should I do if my child puts one of these products in their mouth?

If a child or young person has put the product in their mouth and it has leaked, immediate medical attention should be sought.

Knowsley Council’s Cabinet Member for Public Health, Wellbeing and Customer Services, Cllr Eddie Connor, said:

“I’m pleased that our Trading Standards team have investigated and removed these potentially harmful products from sale in Knowsley.

“The safety of customers is always our highest priority and I’m concerned that young children could be attracted to these products because of their appearance. If they play with these products or put them in their mouths, children could come to serious harm.

“Our Trading Standards officers are currently investigating the supply chain for these e-liquids.”