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Can you Give Up Loving Pop?

by Laura Johnston

A new campaign raising awareness about the damage sugary drinks are doing to our health has launched in Knowsley.

Aimed at everyone who drinks sugary drinks and particularly children, young people and their families, Give Up Loving Pop –GULP, encourages us all to reduce our consumption of sugary drinks and switch to water or low fat milk.

Did you know?

Children and young people are consuming more than three times as much sugar as the maximum recommended daily intake, most of which comes from sugary drinks.

A can of cola can contain nine cubes of sugar which is well above the recommended daily maximum sugar intake for children as well as adults.

The recommended daily maximum for four to six year olds is no more than five cubes of sugar, for seven to ten year olds no more than six cubes per day and for 11 years and older, including adults, no more than seven cubes.

Sugar can cause a whole host of health issues, from tooth decay, to obesity, heart disease and type two diabetes. Excess sugar intake has also been linked to certain cancers.

Knowsley Council has joined forces with Food Active to run the borough-wide campaign to encourage people to Give Up Loving Pop (GULP).

How you can get involved

To sign up for Knowsley’s Giving Up Loving Pop 21-day challenge visit: www.giveuplovingpop.org.uk