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Cllr Shelley Powell on site at Finch Woods with green spaces staff

Green space improvements commence in Halewood

by Jonathan Kearney

Cllr Shelley Powell at Finch Woods entrance with signage highlighting start of works

Work to enhance green spaces in Halewood has commenced.

More than £30m will be invested in public facilities and spaces in Halewood in the coming years, which will include improvements to green spaces and the enhancement of walking and cycling routes across the area.

Finch Woods is a community woodland off Bailey’s Lane and is set to benefit from up to £1m investment through housing development contributions happening in the East of Halewood.

Initial works include preliminary clearance works, strategic woodland thinning and the removal of unsafe trees from the site to improve access.

Finch Woods will be transformed into a top-quality local parkland space, increasing in size by approximately 50%.  A number of improvements will take place including the establishment of an extensive network of accessible paths and walkways and the creation of a new play facility for the area.

There will also be major habitat improvement works to the woodlands, ponds and meadowlands, as well as creation of new pond and wetland features that will support flood resilience in the area.  Overall the site will become a key hub for biodiversity and access to the natural environment.

Access to green space and children’s play areas were among the top priorities for residents, businesses and visitors who completed the public consultation on the development of Halewood district centre.

Cllr Shelley Powell, Cabinet Member for Communities and Neighbourhoods, said: “Residents and visitors can look forward to enhanced green space in Halewood. These works will breathe new life into Finch Woods, opening it up as a usable space for everyone to enjoy. This investment will also help tackle issues around fly tipping.”

Cllr Tony Brennan, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Development, said: “These are really exciting times for Halewood. The investment will amount to around £1,500 per Halewood resident, including the improvements to green space. The investment will support the projected increase in population and importantly improve local facilities and amenities for all current and future residents too.”