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Grants now available to increase Neighbourhood Resilience in Knowsley

by Jonathan Kearney

Resident groups across Merseyside are being invited to bid for a vital cash grant to increase safety and security in their neighbourhoods, while helping to boost community spirit, thanks to a new fund from the region’s Police Commissioner.

Emily Spurrell has launched the Neighbourhood Resilience Fund offering grants of up to £1,000 to help foster and maintain more resilient, safe and caring communities across Merseyside.

The fund has been designed to give up to 100 communities across Merseyside a cash boost to work with local police teams to solve problems in their area, and protect their neighbourhoods, while encouraging residents to be alert and aware of issues.

Grants will be allocated to initiatives which help to prevent crime, including burglary and robberies and reduce anti-social behaviour, as well as campaigns which encourage residents to report suspicious activities to the police or encourage safer driving.

Groups can also use the funding to deliver practical crime reduction projects. This might involve action to ‘mark’ property to make it harder to steal, cooperating with neighbours to keep an eye on empty homes or creating a community in which young people are diverted away from crime.

The Fund is designed to help give people the opportunity to get to know and help each other and it’s expected schemes will keep residents informed and involved.

The launch of the Neighbourhood Resilience Fund is another way the PCC is delivering on her priority of Supporting Victims and building Safer Communities.

Merseyside’s Police Commissioner Emily Spurrell said: “I am delighted to launch my Neighbourhood Resilience Fund to help kickstart, improve and expand the fantastic community watch work already happening across Merseyside.

“The vast majority of these residents’ groups are delivered by enthusiastic and energetic volunteers who give their time, skills, and experience to help make their communities safer, more connected, and vibrant.

“I am very aware though this important work often has costs attached.

“Merseyside is full of communities that care. While these grants will be relatively small, this fund has the potential to assist up to 100 resident groups to cultivate local resilience and security, whilst offering reassurance to the most vulnerable people living in their areas and boosting community spirit.”

Chair of Merseyside’s Neighbourhood Watch Force Association Lynne Fairclough said: “Its neighbours looking after neighbours, community after community.

“Crime doesn’t stop in one road; it goes to the next road, and we need those people running groups to come on board. We are the eyes and ears of Merseyside; spreading information, spreading reassurance and spreading friendliness.”

Daniel Northover from Rawdon Residents Association in Anfield said: “The more you talk to one another, the less problems there tend to be. We have a Facebook group, we have WhatsApp groups where people can pass on information.

“Anywhere you are going to live you want to have people who view the area positively, who want things to be better than they are.

“I love the area, the people are fantastic, the place is fantastic, and the spirit is what it’s all about.”

Interested groups need to show how their project will prevent crime, increase community safety and cohesion, improve the environment or wellbeing of their community, make their roads safer, engage young people or build and enhance local networks.

All applications must be submitted by a constituted group which has a governance structure and terms of reference. You must be able to demonstrate how the activity is part of a clear, forward-thinking plan for how their group can make a difference in their community.

To find out more and apply please visit www.merseysidepcc.info/NRFund

Bids must be submitted by 4pm on Friday 7 July 2023.