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‘Good’ Ofsted rating for St Mark’s Catholic Primary School, Halewood

by Gemma Melling

St Mark’s Catholic Primary School in Halewood has retained its ‘Good’ Ofsted rating.

It is the third primary school this month to achieve a ‘Good’ Ofsted outcomes.

The ‘Good’ outcomes for St Mark’s Catholic Primary School, St Brigids Catholic Primary School in Stockbridge Village and Ravenscroft Community Primary School in Kirkby demonstrates that the quality of teaching and learning in Knowsley primary schools continues to improve.

This now means that 88% of the borough’s primary schools are rated as ‘Good’ or above, bringing the borough’s performance in line with the national figure of 88% of primary schools achieving a ‘Good’ or above rating.

At St Mark’s Catholic Primary school, pupils feel safe and happy in school with teachers making lessons interesting as well as the many trips and visits that teachers plan to make the different subjects more interesting.

Inspectors noted that teachers work hard to make sure that all pupils have a good education, with focus of pupils being able to read and write well with a wide vocabulary. Reading, writing and mathematics are strengths with improvements introduced to help pupils learn about history and geography. This includes teachers building on earlier learning rather than teaching a series of different events in history.

Staff and parents speak highly of the senior leaders who manage the school well. The governors are experienced and keep a good check on how well pupils are achieving and how well they are looked after.

Safeguarding arrangements at the school are effective with children feeling safe in school.

Colette Dutton, Executive Director for Children’s Services, said: “I’m delighted with this latest Ofsted inspection and that St Mark’s Catholic Primary School has maintained their ‘Good’ outcome for the quality of teaching, behaviours and attitude, personal development, leadership and management along with early years. St Mark’s is one of three primary schools to achieve a ‘Good’ rating this month which is a fantastic achievement for our primary schools. Well done.”