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Graphic with wording about the benefits of not drinking alcohol

Get your YOU back with Dry January

by Sandra Issar

Let’s face it 2020 hasn’t been great. Many of us have been stressed and worried. We may have found ourselves slipping into habits we wish we could break. It’s no wonder that many of us don’t feel much like ourselves.

That’s where Dry January comes in. 31 days alcohol-free. Your chance for a break and to reset your relationship with alcohol.

31 days to try something new. Have your virtual catch up with a friend without having a pint. Relax with a bath rather than a bottle. Throw off the sluggishness and reclaim your mornings.

31 days to see some amazing benefits like brighter skin, a fuller wallet, a calmer mind and a better night’s sleep – and to help you drink more healthily all year round leading to longer-term health benefits.

Dry January support

By downloading the app, Try Dry,  or signing up for daily support emails you double your chance of having a totally alcohol-free month and getting amazing benefits that last.

Research has consistently shown that many people are drinking more heavily since the start of the pandemic. Guidelines recommend drinking no more than 14 units per week, spread over three or more days, and with at least two days off.

While this isn’t about stopping drinking forever it is about more than January. It’s about changing your relationship with alcohol and helping you to establish healthier drinking year-round.

Research shows that it takes three weeks to break a habit so taking part in Dry January can help you think differently about alcohol and help you to cut down on your drinking longer term.  It’s about making 2021 the best it can be.

Cllr Sean Donnelly, Knowsley Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care, said:

2020 has been a year like no other. Many of us have felt stressed and worried. When things get tough, we can find ourselves turning to alcohol to cope and slipping into drinking habits we wish we could break – but Dry January can help.


“Research show that people who sign-up for Dry January are twice as likely to spend the whole month alcohol-free compared to those who try to do it alone, so it’s really worth downloading the free Try Dry app or registering for the campaign’s daily emails.”

Dry January isn’t about giving anything up. It’s about getting something back. Get your fun back. Get your calm back. Get your energy back. Get your you back.

Dr Richard Piper, Chief Executive of Alcohol Change UK, said:

It’s all too easy to bury our heads in the sand when it comes to our drinking. Our new research shows that one in three (30%) of those drinking at increasing- or high-risk levels believe they don’t need to do Dry January because they drink ‘healthily’ – even though the number of units they drink is putting their health at risk. That means millions of people are putting their health at risk, but either don’t realise or don’t want to believe it.  The new year is a great opportunity for us all to reassess our drinking.


“Dry January can help. It’s our chance for a reset. 31 days to try something new, and to see some amazing benefits including brighter skin, a fuller wallet, a calmer mind and a better night’s sleep – and to help you drink more healthily all year round.”

If you would like more support and advice visit the Healthy Knowsley website to find out about getting support to cut down.