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Preparing for Brexit

by Gemma Melling

The UK is preparing to leave the EU and we are all being advised to make sure we are prepared for what this might mean for us as individuals or as business owners.

The UK Government has issued guidance to help everyone make preparations and check how Brexit might affect you and your individual circumstances.

The guidance, in its most up to date form, can be found on www.gov.uk/brexit.

Here’s our summary of some of the main issues which might be relevant to people living and working in Knowsley.

Advice for businesses, organisations and self-employed people:

If you trade any goods or services with the EU you’ll need to get ready for Brexit. For example, you need to take action if you:

Advice for individuals and families

If you are planning to visit the EU after Brexit, for example on holiday or for business, you will need to check what requirements there might be. For example, you’ll need to:

  • check your passport
  • get travel insurance to make sure you are covered for healthcare
  • make sure you have the right driving documents
  • get a health certificate for your pet, as UK pet passports will no longer be valid in the EU (contact your vet at least four months before you travel)

Advice for UK nationals living in the European Union

If you are a UK national currently living or working in another country in the European Union, you must check your rights for the country where you are currently resident. Continuing to live and work in an EU country after Brexit depends on the rules in that country.

For example, you might need to:

  • register or apply for residency
  • check if you are covered for healthcare and register if necessary
  • exchange your UK driving licence for a licence issued by the EU country where you live
  • check your passport

Advice for EU citizens living here in the United Kingdom

If you are an EU national currently living or working in the UK, you will need to check what you need to do to stay in the UK after Brexit.

For example, you should check if you need to apply to the settlement scheme (if you or your family are from the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland).

Do you need more information?

All the latest advice and guidance from Government can be found at www.gov.uk/brexit.