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General Election – important information about postal votes

by Jonathan Kearney

On Thursday 4 July 2024, there will be a General Election taking place.

For this election and any future elections, anyone returning postal votes by hand (rather than posting via Royal Mail) must complete a postal vote return form, otherwise their postal votes will be rejected. For this reason, postal votes must not be hand posted through the letter box at any Council buildings.

This is a new requirement arising from the Elections Act 2022.  The new rules also say that an individual may hand in a maximum of six (6) electors’ postal votes (i.e. their own and five others) per poll unless they are a campaigner.  If an individual is a campaigner, they may only handle their own postal vote and those which belong to close family members or people for whom they provide care.

Staff who are authorised by the (Acting) Returning Officer may assist anyone wishing to hand in postal votes to the Council to complete the relevant form.

On election day, this will include staff based in the polling stations.

In the meantime, if you have a postal vote which you wish to hand in, please telephone the Elections Team on 0151 443 2222 or email elections@knowsley.gov.uk

Please remember that to be accepted and counted, postal votes must either by posted using Royal Mail (to be received before 10pm on 4 July 2024) or handed directly to an authorised officer and a postal vote return form completed.