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Smokefree Knowsley graphic with words 'you're 4 times more likely to quit with support from a stop smoking service'

Free support to help you stop smoking

by Laura Johnston

Smokers in Knowsley are being reminded that it’s easier to stop smoking with the right support – and that there’s lots of free, specialist help in the borough!

When you quit smoking, good things start to happen — you can begin to see almost immediate improvements to your health. These include being able to breathe more easily and having more energy, while longer term your risk of having a heart attack, respiratory illness, dementia and many other health conditions are reduced.

There are financial benefits too, the average smoker can save around £2,000 a year when they quit.

Support to help you quit

Getting expert support from your local stop smoking services means you’re four times as likely to quit for good. It’s never too late to stop!

Smokefree Knowsley, Knowsley’s stop smoking service, offers specialist support for Knowsley residents to quit smoking or reduce how much they’re smoking.

The team’s friendly advisors will be providing support and advice to anyone wanting to quit smoking:

Wednesday 17 July, Tesco in Prescot

Wednesday 24 July, Morrisons in Kirkby 

You can also find out more about services available, or access support from Knowsley Stop Smoking Service, by calling 0151 426 7462, texting quit to 61825 (normal network charge) or visiting the website: www.smokefreeknowsley.org.uk

If you prefer you can use your local pharmacy stop smoking services. Please contact your local pharmacy for more information.

Sarah McNulty, Knowsley Council’s Assistant Executive Director for Public Health, said:

“Stopping smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health. Even if you’ve tried before and didn’t manage to quit, don’t give up on quitting because you can do it. Many smokers try several times before they succeed.


“Quitting is easier with the right support and Knowsley’s stop smoking service offers specialist support for Knowsley residents to quit smoking.”

For support, advice and free tools to quit smoking from Knowsley Stop Smoking Service call 0151 426 7462, text quit to 61825 (normal network charge) or visit the website: www.smokefreeknowsley.org.uk