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Former NatWest Bank, Newtown Gardens in Kirkby

by Jonathan Kearney

We are aware of recent social media speculation about the future use of the former NatWest building in Kirkby Town Centre.

Since taking control of Kirkby Town Centre late in 2019, the Council has owned the building in question and we can confirm that it is currently available to let.  Knowsley Community College had initially expressed an interest in potentially moving into the former NatWest building to use as a base in Kirkby Town Centre but is no longer moving forward with that plan.

We therefore continue to actively promote this building through our letting agent.

Some people have recently commented on social media that it is being converted into living accommodation.  As the owner of this building, we can confirm that these comments are completely untrue.

Other comments relate to the former Barclaycard building.  This isn’t owned by the Council, but we do know that the building is available to let and that the building owners are promoting the building to potential occupiers.  The Council is actively supporting the owner and appointed agents to help them to secure occupiers for the building – our aim is bring new jobs to Kirkby and increase the footfall to support the Town Centre.

There has also been speculation about the Barclaycard building being converted into a hotel or a house of multiple occupation (HMO).  The Council is not aware of any such plans for this building.  Any such proposal would require planning approval from the Council and any such planning application would be subject to public consultation.  No such proposals have ever been received by the Council.

Continuing to address recent speculation, we are pleased to confirm that the large vacant two-storey unit at 132 Cherryfield Drive (next to the Bus Station) is currently being transformed into an inflatable play park (on the ground floor) and food and drink market (on the first floor).  Fun 1st Entertainment Limited are hoping to open this new business later this year.

As soon as there are any confirmed plans for the former NatWest and Barclaycard buildings, and indeed any others in Kirkby Town Centre, we will share this information through Knowsley News and the Council’s social media channels.