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Former Barclaycard Building, Kirkby – The Facts

by Emily Maguire

Once again, and disappointingly, inaccurate and unfounded social media posts are being circulated about the former Barclaycard building in Kirkby.

Whilst this building isn’t owned by the Council, we do know that the building is available to let and that the building owners are promoting the building to potential occupiers as office accommodation – this can be easily verified by checking the property listing online.

The building is currently undergoing a refurbishment so that it is up to modern day office accommodation standards, and the Council is actively supporting the owner and appointed agents to help them to secure occupiers for the building.  Our aim is to bring new jobs to Kirkby and increase the footfall to support Kirkby Town Centre.

There has been recent speculation about the Barclaycard building being used for asylum seeker accommodation, as well as being converted into a hotel or a house of multiple occupation.

The Council is not aware of any such plans for this building, and the owner has never suggested any such use for the building.

Any such proposals would require planning approval from the Council and any such planning application would be subject to public consultation.

Once again, no such proposals have ever been received by the Council, or discussed with the Council.

To be clear, this information is completely untrue and people are asked to check their facts before sharing. Anybody suggesting that such proposals have been shared are grossly misinformed.

As soon as there are any confirmed occupiers for the former Barclaycard building, we will share this information through Knowsley News and the Council’s social media channels.