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For the Record: Who is a Key Worker?

by Emily Maguire

During these unprecedented times we are all relying on a number of Key Workers covering a range of disciplines to ensure that the vital daily needs of residents living in the borough are being met.

While some Key Worker roles are obvious – ‘blue lights’ workers, health workers, teachers, carers, delivery drivers and shop workers for example – there are a number of other roles which are essential to the continued running of our borough and have been deemed as such by the Government.

Throughout Knowsley, this includes refuse (bin) officers, highways workers and Knowsley’s street scene team as well as building surveyors, planning officers and contractors who are prioritising works that cannot and should not be rescheduled, in order to ensure that our borough’s infrastructure can continue to operate at the level required to support the needs of our residents.

The maintenance of our highways network, including traffic signals, road surfaces and street lighting is not only important to ensure that those travelling to other Key Worker roles in our borough and beyond can do so safely but so that when life returns to normal, there are no significant delays which might adversely impact on our residents daily lives.

Our Street Scene team will also be continuing in their duties, ensuring that our communities are clean and safe for all and tackling incidents of fly tipping and dog fouling, which are sadly still prevalent.

Our building surveyors and planning officers will be continuing to work to ensure that structures across our borough remain safe.

The council and its contractors are taking additional precautions in terms of guidance around social distancing and hygiene to ensure the safety of all council officers and contractors as well as members of the public.

Cllr Tony Brennan, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Development said: “We have a number of officers and contractors who are continuing to deliver essential services under increasingly challenging conditions.”

“The council have received concerning reports that some Key Workers operating in these vital roles have been confronted by members of the public and, in some cases verbally abused. This is wholly unacceptable and we urge residents remember that these workers are striving to make the borough safer for us all and treat them with the same respect that they might do to any other Key Worker role”