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For the record

For the record: Housebuilding at Woolfall Heath Meadow

by Gemma Melling

Work is currently underway on a Gleeson Homes housing development in the Woolfall Heath area of Huyton. This development is Phase 2c of the North Huyton Revive Regeneration Programme, and will bring a total of 179 new homes to the area.

This phase includes the construction of 24 new homes to the rear of existing bungalows which back onto the Woolfall Heath Meadow area. The layout of these homes was agreed with residents during the consultation process, with the intention of improving security for existing properties and enhancing the design and layout of the estate.

When was this development agreed?

This development has been a long time coming and was originally identified as part of the North Huyton Revive Masterplan for the area around 2005.

Outline planning permission was granted in 2007 (planning reference number 07/00338/OUT) and detailed planning approval was given in 2015 (planning reference number 12/00620/REM).

How have local people been informed of this development?

Extensive work has been carried out with the local community to keep them informed and involved with progress at every stage of this programme, and the proposals for housing on this site have been a matter of public record for more than a decade.

A limited part of this development lies within the Woolfall Meadow area and allows for construction of 24 homes at the rear of the bungalows on Willowbank Close and Glencroft Close. The rationale for this was to provide a protective buffer between the bungalows, who backed on to the park and at times felt vulnerable to potential intruders. The new homes will also be orientated to face out over the park area, providing valuable natural surveillance and a pleasant landscaped street scene.

At each stage of the planning process, which started in 2007, local residents were consulted on the proposed development and the use of a limited area of the meadow land for these houses was made clear from the start.

What happens next?

Gleeson intend to begin development with road and sewer works in the near future and the construction work is then expected to be complete by late 2022.

Once complete, the housing development will provide an additional public entrance to the meadow making it more easily accessible to the local residents.

Gleeson have also made a commitment to re-instate the meadowland habitat from the small area that will be developed and these mitigation works have been scrutinised by the Merseyside Environmental Advisory Services (MEAS).

MEAS and Knowsley Council will also be overseeing the work throughout the development and will ensure that the meadow will remain accessible to the public at all times during the construction work.

Update 25.11.19: Removal of a dangerous tree

Essential works were carried out on Thursday 21 November to remove a dangerous and diseased tree from Woolfall Heath Meadow.

The council’s tree contractor Assist removed the tree following an inspection from the council’s Arboricultural Officer who has advised that it was in severe decline, with large areas of dead wood and a fungus making the tree brittle.

As a result, the tree had to be removed using a tracked mobile working platform, and this involved some further loss of small trees in order to access the dangerous tree.