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Knowsley Local Election results 2021

by Gemma Melling

Votes for the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority Mayor and Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner have now been counted (Saturday, 8 May).

Results for both counts will be available on the Liverpool City Council website.

Counting has concluded in the Knowsley Local Elections.

Recap: Our live blog captured how the count unfolded:

5.57pm – That concludes the counting in the Knowsley Local Election for 2021.

This is how today’s results alter the makeup of the council:

Labour – held 12 seats and lost three.

Liberal Democrats – held one, lost none.

Green Party – Save our Green Space – gained two, lost none.

Independent candidates have held one seat, and gained one seat.

5.54pm – Final result of the day sees changes in St Gabriel’s. 

Due to a vacant seat, two councillors have been elected to the St Gabriel’s ward. It was a close-run race, which had to go to a recount.

Frank Walsh held onto his seat for the Labour party, whilst Cath Golding from Green Party – Save our Green Space took a seat from Labour.

The results in full are:

Candidate Party Votes / result
Cath Golding Green Party – Save our Green Space 793
Patricia Jameson Social Democratic Party 61
Steff O’Keeffe Labour Party 790
Julie Anne Parker Green Party – Save our Green Space 582
Frank Walsh Labour Party 804

The turnout in St Gabriel’s was 24.6%.

5.15pm – Just one more result to go 

We now await the outcome of one final ward – St Gabriel’s.

So far, Labour have held on to 11 seats; the Liberal Democrats have held one and the Green Party have gained one. Independent candidates have held one seat, and gained one seat.

4.56pm – Council leader re-elected in Swanside

Swanside result

Graham Morgan, Leader of Knowsley Council, has been re-elected in Swanside – a Labour hold. 

Full result:

Candidate Party Votes / result
Graham James Morgan Labour Party 1452
Paul Woodruff Green Party – Save our Green Space 962

Turnout in Swanside was: 31.6%.

4.55pm – Cherryfield held

Cherryfield result

Jackie Harris has been re-elected to her seat in Cherryfield – a Labour hold.

Full results:

Candidate Party Votes / result
Michael Mark Dooley Green Party – Save our Green Space 386
Jackie Harris Labour Party 1271

Turnout in Cherryfield was 20.3%.

4.54pm – Independent candidate takes Whitefield 

Whitefield result

Independent candidate Steve Smith has won the Whitefield ward, previously held by Cabinet Member Sean Donnelly of the Labour party.

The results in full:

Candidate Party Votes / result
Christine Joanne Marie Dillon The For Britain Movement 73
Sean Phillip Donnelly Labour Party 975
Chris Krelle Liberal Democrats 63
Steve Smith Independent 1011

The turnout in Whitefield was 26.4%.

4.42pm – Page Moss result 

Page Moss results

Ken McGlashan has held his seat for Labour.

Full results:

Candidate Party Votes / result
John Douglas Carine Green Party – Save our Green Space 609
Ken McGlashan Labour and Cooperative Party 1000
Ken Wilson The Conservative Party 111

Turnout in Page Moss was 20.2%.

4.41pm – Roby held 

Roby result

Margaret Harvey has been re-elected to the Roby ward – a Labour hold. 

Full results:

Candidate Party Votes / result
Margaret Alexina Harvey Labour Party 1188
Gary John Robertson The Conservative Party 291
Kirk Anthony Sandringham Green Party – Save our Green Space 1028

Turnout in Roby was 32.6%.

4.40pm – St Michael’s declares

St Michaels result

Joan Lilly of the Labour party has held her seat in St Michael’s ward.

Results in full:

Candidate Party Votes / result
Dean Boyle Liberal Democrats 141
Joan Elizabeth Lilly Labour Party 1174
Graham Clifford Wickens Green Party – Save our Green Space 233

Turnout in St Michael’s was 21.8%.

4.33pm – Here’s where we are 

Eight wards have now been declared in Knowsley, with another seven to go. They are: Cherryfield, St Gabriels, Page Moss, Roby, St Michael’s, Swanside and Whitefield.

4.29pm – Northwood result 

Northwood result

Eddie Connor has held onto his seat – a Labour hold. 

Full results were:

Candidate Party Votes / result
Eddie Connor Labour Party 1278
Les Connor Trade Union and Socialist Coalition 238
Les Rigby Liberal Democrats 122


Turnout in Northwood was 18.6%.

4.28pm – Shevington held by Labour

Shevington result

Aimee Wright has been elected to the Shevington ward – a Labour hold.

Candidate Party Votes / result
Neill John Dunne Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 141
Graham Charles Golding Green Party – Save our Green Space 110
Julie Ranson The Conservative Party 120
Aimee Wright Labour Party 1224

Shevington turnout was 19.5%.

4.18pm – Stockbridge ward declared

Lynn O’Keefe has won the Stockbridge seat – a Labour hold.

The full result was:

Candidate Party Votes / result
Lynn O’Keeffe Labour Party 1049
Paul William Ryan Green Party – Save our Green Space 297

The turnout in Stockbridge was 16.3%.

3.50pm – Whiston and Cronton result remains the same after recount 

Following a request by the Green Party candidate, which came after the count declaration, the Whiston and Cronton votes have been recounted and the original result verified. Therefore, it is confirmed that Terry Bryon of the Labour Party holds his seat.

3.26pm – Two councillors for Halewood South Ward

Halewood South result

With one existing vacancy in the ward, two councillors have been voted in to the Halewood South Ward.

They are:

Edna Finneran (Labour, hold)

Joanne Harvey (Independent, hold)

Results in full for the ward:

Candidate Party Votes / result
Vicky Berry Independent 793
Edna Finneran Labour Party 987
Iain Scott Hamilton Labour Party 848
Joanne Christine Harvey Independent 879
Clare Stranack Workers Party of Britain 65
Graham Tubey The Conservative Party 218

Turnout in Halewood South was 26.2%.

3.04pm – Whiston and Cronton returns a Labour hold 

Whiston and Cronton result

Terry Bryon of the Labour Party holds his seat in Whiston and Cronton.

The results in full are:

Candidate Party Votes / result
Terry Byron Labour Party 966
Sandra Elaine Gaffney Green Party – Save our Green Space 945
Gary Bernard McCormick The Conservative Party 244

Turnout in Whiston and Cronton was 28.9%.

2.57pm – Prescot North is declared 

Prescot North has once again returned Carl Cashman of the Liberal Democrats as its winning candidate. This is a Lib Dem hold. 

The results in full were:

Candidate Party Votes / result
Carl Anthony Cashman Liberal Democrats 1448
Tony Ely Labour Party 763
Aaron Waters The Conservative Party 171

The turnout in Prescot North was 27.9%.

2.55pm – Results for Halewood North are in 

Halewood North result

We have our first declaration – and Halewood North has been won by Alan Flute of the Labour party – a Labour party hold.

Here are the results in full:

Candidate Party Votes / result
Jack Frederick Boyd The Conservative Party 254
Alan John Flute Labour Party 1058
Suzanne Carole Harvey Independent 437
Thomas Gerard Large Green Party – Save our Green Space 232
Marjorie Elizabeth Sommerfield Liberal Democrats 101

Halewood North’s overall turnout was 25.2%.

2.53pm – We have our first result: Prescot South 

Prescot South result

Prescot South is the first ward to be declared – and its a Green Party gain for Pat Cook.

Here’s the results in full:

Candidate Party Votes / result
Denise Allen Labour Party 751
Pat Cook Green Party- Save our Green Space 1182

The turnout in Prescot South was 26%

2.37pm – This is where the winners will be announced

election count

We are still awaiting the first declaration – this is where the announcement will be made. Don’t forget, you can watch the declarations live on the Announcements live stream over on YouTube.

2.23pm – This year’s count looks a little different from normal 

With lots of COVID safety measures in place, attendees at the count are asked to maintain their distance from each other, wear face coverings and observe strict hygiene measures. All attendees have also provided evidence of a negative COVID test before entering.

Election count at Knowsley

2.05pm – Counting is now underway
Following this morning’s verification, votes are now being counted in the Knowsley local elections. The following wards will be counted first: Halewood South, Page Moss, Prescot North, Prescot South, Roby and Whiston & Cronton.

1.55pm Turnout figures in full 

Here are the turnouts, broken down by ward and also showing the percentage turnout amongst those with postal votes, and those who chose to vote in person.

turnout figures for Knowsley

Almost 60% of those registered to vote by post voted this year, compared with just over 17% of those who opted to vote in person.

1.33pm: Turnout figures are in 

Following this morning’s verification of votes, the counters are having a short break before counting begins.

We now have turnout figures – overall in Knowsley the turnout was 24.27%.