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A man and car in the water

Flood Safety: Know What to Do to Keep Yourself and Your Family Safe


The council is supporting the Environment Agency’s campaign, equipping residents with information around what to do in the event of a flood.

In England there are 5.2 million homes at risk of flooding, but up to half of people don’t know they are at risk or what to do in a flood – putting their property and their family’s safety at risk.

As well as the physical damage to property and belongings, there’s many health impacts too with people who have been the victim of flooding also suffering with depression and anxiety.

But taking steps to prepare for flooding and knowing what to do in a flood can significantly reduce the damages to your home and possessions and reduce the likelihood of suffering from these mental health impacts in the future.

Start by taking one simple step today to help protect yourself, your home, and your family from the devastating effects of flooding.

Read the ‘prepare, act, survive’ information published on the Government’s website. Advice includes having a bag prepared which includes any medication you may need, move things upstairs and turn off gas / electricity and water should you receive a flood alert.

Caroline Douglass, from the Environment Agency, said, “Flooding can cause serious disruption to people’s lives. We can’t prevent it, but we can help homeowners to be more flood resilient. Those who are aware of the risk and have done something about it are able to reduce damage to their homes and possessions considerably.”