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Firework safety recall: Thunder Snap throwdown

by Sandra Issar

Knowsley Council’s Trading Standards Team has issued a safety recall notice for the ‘Thunder Snap’ throwdown firework which fails to meet the requirements of the Pyrotechnic Articles (Safety) Regulations 2015.

If you’ve bought these fireworks Knowsley Trading Standards advises you store them in a secure, non-flammable container which is out of reach of sources of ignition and children, and contact the team by calling 0808 223 133 or emailing Tradingstandardsteam@knowsley.gov.uk

The Thunder Snaps firework poses a high risk of burns should the discharge of the throwdown touch the skin if the product is mishandled, modified or misused.

It also poses a risk of hearing damage as it exceeds the safe noise emission limit of 120 dB.

The firework was subject to a previous safety recall notice which is now being reissued by Knowsley Trading Standards after an inspection of a local business found the firework being advertised for sale.