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Family support in Knowsley

by Alison Cornmell

The last year has no doubt been difficult for many people, not least families with children.

Parenting can be challenging and sometimes it’s hard to know where to turn if you need advice or simply want to know what activities there are for your children to do.

In Knowsley there are a range of youth services and support networks available, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Knowsley Council encourages you to take advantage of these free services.

A Knowsley Council spokesperson said:

“We know the pressures of parenting, from small children to young adults who bring joy but also concerns. We want families to feel supported and know there are options available to them if they need help or support, despite COVID-19.”

Read on for a range of free services and networks available to you:

Family and Community Education – Family Learning Service
The service delivers Connect 5 Parenting, a short programme aimed at parents who have children at home (age 11-21) who have mental health issues.  Parents will cover topics covering:

  • What is mental health and mental health issues of children/young people,
  • Grounding techniques,
  • The teenage brain age 11 to 21,
  • Stress,
  • Coping techniques,
  • Setting a plan and goals jointly with child/young person,
  • How to carry out steps towards goals and monitor how well the young person is doing.

To find out more contact Gill Downey on 0151 443 4503

Knowsley Parent Carer Voice
Knowsley Parent Carers Voice is a group of parents and carers of children with special education needs and disabilities in Knowsley. Their aim is to work in partnership with Education, Social Care and Health & Wellbeing services to influence and develop quality services for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and disabilities in Knowsley.

Vibe is dedicated to supporting young people to build positive relationships with themselves and others, and to play a central role in creating vibrant communities.

Our Merseyside
Every year lives on Merseyside are sadly affected by criminal activity. Our Merseyside is the home of advice and information to help keep our communities and our streets safe.

Violence Reduction Partnership Destinations Directory
The VRP’s Destinations Directory provides a resource to assist anyone in Merseyside who has an interest in supporting young people aged 16+ to achieve their potential.

High Schools officers
Dedicated Merseyside Police schools officers work across the borough’s High Schools to provide support to pupils and teaching staff. Contact your child’s school directly if you would like to speak to their school’s officer.

CELLS Project
CELLS’ primary objective is to educate children and young people on the consequences of crime. Enabling them an informed choice encourages them to understand personal responsibility and embrace positive diversionary alternatives, including recreational and vocational activity. Through awareness, those who recognise they have issues have the opportunity of further support. This support can include working on any problems and improving self-esteem and well-being.

Centre 63
Rooted in the community since 1963, Centre 63 delivers a service that meets the needs of young people and families across Kirkby and the wider borough of Knowsley.

One Knowsley
One Knowsley works with community groups across the borough. They have also coordinated the Knowsley SNAP (Sports, Nutrition, Active Play) events over the school holidays, providing a range of engaging activities for the borough’s school children. Follow them on Twitter (@OneKnowsley) for updates on further programmes being run.