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Volunteers at Court Hey Park

Everyone can play their part with the Knowsley Offer

by Guy Murphy

The Knowsley Offer – www.knowsleybettertogether.co.uk/theoffer – launched earlier this year. This online resource includes information, advice, support, services, facilities and much more relating to residents’ priorities and issues and what they need to help them to thrive.

This includes advice around money matters, help to find a job, how to access health services and support available to help people to remain independent in their own homes for as long as possible.

The Knowsley Offer was developed following extensive consultation undertaken last year and many people said they were proud to live in Knowsley, proud of how the town centres were being developed and many said that they would like to get more involved in their local area.

Communities coming together is a key strength in Knowsley. Hundreds of residents came forward to volunteer their time and services throughout the pandemic and more recently through the cost of living crisis. There’s lots of things you can do. You can help by doing all you can to:

  • Look after yourself – take steps to improve your health and wellbeing such as eating well, keeping active.
  • Look after others – check in on a neighbour, put your elderly neighbour’s bin out, cook an extra portion of tea for a vulnerable neighbour or relative, donate to the Foodbank.
  • Look after your place – don’t drop litter, use the litter bins provided when you’re out and about, clean up after your dog, report anti-social behaviour, support local events, volunteer in your local park, shop local.
  • Look after the planet – recycle more (all recyclable materials go in your grey bin including cardboard, tins, paper), find out about the range of local food growing clubs and activities in your local area, lower your energy use (turn your thermostat down, turn lights off when you leave the room).

Cllr Jayne Aston, Cabinet Member for Resources, said “The Knowsley Offer addresses the key issues and challenges facing our communities and has a vast range of information, help and support in one central place.

“Through our consultation, we identified that many residents wanted to do more for themselves and their local area.

“The Knowsley Offer includes a range of ideas on how people can look after themselves and others, their neighbourhood and look after the planet too.

“If anyone takes a small step to play their part, it will have such a huge impact on you and others, your neighbourhood and the planet.”

Further information about getting involved in your local area is available on The Knowsley Offer here.