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Enjoy the Euros safely and keep COVID safe

by Guy Murphy

The Euros kicks off this Friday evening and we are all dreaming of football coming home once again. However, we need to remember that the pandemic isn’t over, and we should all take steps to protect ourselves and others when watching the big game.

If you’re hosting friends and family or going out to catch the match, there are still restrictions and guidelines that you need to follow. There are also a number of ways you make sure you stay safe.

Tips for enjoying the Euros safely

  • Get tested – universal testing is readily available, from home kits to assisted testing. 1 in 3 people who have the virus don’t experience symptoms so could unknowingly spread it. Find out more on testing
  • Get vaccinated – vaccination is the best possible protection from COVID-19. Even by just having your first dose, you can reduce your chances of getting sick. Although, you should still get your second dose as this provides long lasting protection. Find out more about who is eligible for the vaccine
  • Keep your match watching circle small – by limiting the number of people who you watch the game with, you can limit the potential spread of the virus should someone test positive.
  • Use the NHS COVID-19 app – if you’re heading out to watch the game, use the NHS app to check into venues. This is the quickest way of signing in and will also let you know if you need to isolate.
  • Continue those behaviours that are we have learnt over the past year can help reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. This means:
    • Washing your hands
    • Wearing a face covering
    • Keeping your distance

Tips for watching the game at home

If you’re having friends or family around to watch the match, remember the following:

  • Following guidance on numbers – if you’re watching the game indoors, you can host a maximum of six people, or two households. If the weather allows a garden party, you can have up to 30 people over.
  • Let fresh air in – having a window open will allow fresh air to circulate and blow COVID-19 particles away
  • Think before having close contact – there are no longer restrictions around close personal contact however it is important that you keep this to a minimum. You should also consider the risk involved, especially with those who are vulnerable.

Tips for watching the game at a venue

If you’re heading out to watch the match, remember the following:

  • Follow all guidance set out by the venue when entering and moving around
  • Wear a face covering (unless exempt) when moving away from your table
  • Only meet up with 6 people (rule of six) or one other household
  • Use the NHS Trace and Trace app
  • Do not attempt to go to the bar
  • Do not move from table to table or group to group
  • Use hand sanitizer regularly and maintain social distancing

Anyone who gets a positive result from a rapid test can book a PCR test by calling 119 or visiting www.nhs.uk/coronavirus.

Anyone with the Coronavirus symptoms of a new persistent cough, a high temperature or a loss of sense of taste or smell, should self-isolate immediately and book a PCR test by calling 119 or visiting www.nhs.uk/coronavirus.

For those who need support during this difficult time please visit www.kindtoyourmind.org which has details of 24/7 crisis helplines and resources to help mental wellbeing.