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Enhanced support for Knowsley’s families in need of early help

by Jonathan Kearney

The Early Help and Prevention Strategy 2021 – 2024, developed to ensure families who need additional support get the right help at the right time, has been endorsed by Knowsley Council Cabinet members.

Whilst most children, young people, and families in Knowsley are able to have a good quality of life with minimal additional support from public services, there are some who may need additional support from early help and targeted or specialist services.

Providing such support at the right time can reduce the likelihood of problems escalating and improve long-term outcomes for children, young people, and their families, enabling them to lead happier and healthier lives.

The Early Help and Prevention Strategy 2021 – 2024, developed to support the delivery of the Children and Families Plan, sets out four underpinning principles of prevention, which will further improve outcomes for children and families in Knowsley.

The four principles are: –

  1. Effective Partnerships: building on the existing strong leadership in Knowsley to strengthen the shared focus and ambition for early help across the relevant partner agencies;
  2. Workforce Development: providing all people working within the early help sector with access to training and support so that they have the knowledge, skills, and behaviours to feel confident in delivering early help support;
  3. Improving the Use of Data: maximising the use of the case management system and data to improve the picture both of the needs and also of the strengths of a family so that the family gets the right help at the right time; and,
  4. Communication: providing clear information to families about the support available and how to access it, thereby enabling them to deal with their own problems before they become more severe.

Cllr Margaret Harvey, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, said:

“Building on the successful partnership approach to early help that already exists in Knowsley, the principles of prevention we’ve identified will strengthen this further – putting prevention at the heart of what we all do.

“This strategy provides the outline for activity over the next three years, but it is only the start – children, young people, families, local partners and the wider community will need to come together with a real focus on prevention if we are to be successful.”

Progress in delivering the Strategy will be reported annually to the Children and Families Board.

Read the full report and strategy on the council’s website.