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Energy bill support for prepayment meters

by Jonathan Kearney

Households on traditional prepayment meters are being urged by the government to redeem their energy bill support vouchers, with £160 million remaining to be claimed nationally.

These vouchers allow eligible customers, often in low-income homes, to access vital discounts of up to £400 on their energy costs, which direct debit customers will have automatically received over the winter.

Anyone who has not yet redeemed their prepayment meter vouchers to do so now, with the scheme remaining open until 30 June.

Vouchers will have been sent directly from your electricity supplier by text, email or through post. Customers can redeem the vouchers at their local Post Office or PayPoint.

Claiming your voucher at the Post Office is really simple, just bring your voucher, your energy pre-payment key or card and the ID specified in your voucher letter and we will redeem the voucher for you at the counter. It’s important to check any post you have at home to ensure you haven’t missed any vouchers. They are valid for 3 months but if you have expired vouchers you should contact your electricity supplier and ask for a new one to be sent out.

Further information is available on the Government’s website.