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Empowering parents and creating positive learning environments in Knowsley

by Laura Johnston

The Knowsley Better Together fund is helping to support a number of community groups to “get off the ground” and help to deliver improvements in Knowsley around the key issues of education, health and wellbeing and adult social care.  Knowsley Better Together brings people and organisations together – by pooling expertise and resources, more can be delivered for the benefit of Knowsley and its residents.

One such project to benefit from the Knowsley Better Together fund is the ‘It’s your child’s life’ programme, delivered by Partnering Progress. Up to 40 parents of reception-aged children in four primary schools in Kirkby will participate in the programme, equipping and empowering families to ensure their children get the very best home learning environment which supports their emotional, social, physical and mental development.  In addition, by being part of a network of parents reduces social isolation and encourages them to support one another and share their experiences of the programme.

The 12 week programme addresses a number of topics including reading, writing, numeracy, healthy eating, positive mental health, self esteem and confidence building.  Each session provides resources and activities which parents can then practice with their child at home.

The programme commenced in Knowsley in January in Eastcroft Primary School and is now being delivered in Millbrook Primary School, St Laurence’s Primary School and will shortly be delivered in Ravenscroft Primary School next week.

Kerry Burns and Andrea O’Brien from Partnering Progress said “By raising attainment, achievement and aspiration in schools will give our young people a greater range of education, training and career choices.  In addition, equipping parents with the tools and support to help their children at home is also boosting their confidence too.”

Parents who have participated in the programme have commented about how much they have learned themselves and that they would definitely recommend taking part in the programme.

You can find out more about Knowsley Better Together by visiting the council’s website.