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Empowering Knowsley’s community sector

by Cathy Sheel

A report outlining the next steps for the Knowsley Better Partnership and how it will work to empower and involve communities will be considered by Knowsley Council’s Cabinet at its meeting on 9 September.

The Knowsley Better Together (KBT) partnership is committed to working with Knowsley’s residents, volunteers, faith and community groups, and social enterprises to enhance and develop public services.

The partnership’s priorities for COVID-19 recovery have been aligned to the Knowsley 2030 Strategy outcome which states that Knowsley should be “a place where strong and safe communities can shape their future.”

To achieve this aim, funding will be provided to conduct research to better understand Knowsley’s ‘community strength’ and how it can be supported by the KBT partnership.

This would lead to the creation of Knowsley’s Community Strength Commission, led by an independent chair and including representatives from the partnership, voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise sector.

The commission would formulate its vision in a “Community Strength” Strategy to de delivered by the KBT partnership.

Read the full report here.