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police car with blue lights on attending emergency

Say ‘thank you’ to our blue light services on 9 September

by Gemma Melling

Monday, 9 September is Emergency Services Day – a day to recognise the great work our emergency services do.

To support the day, Knowsley Council will be raising the Emergency Services Day flag outside of its offices in Huyton and Kirkby, as a mark of respect and thanks of the work that all our blue light emergency services do each and every day of the year.

About Emergency Services Day

The Emergency Services Day is part of the National Emergency Services Memorial, a registered charity in England, Scotland and Wales. The charity is currently trying to raise at least £3m to build Britain’s first national cenotaph dedicated to all UK emergency services. It will be a place to honour more than 7,000 personnel who have lost their lives in the line of duty, as well as giving thanks to the two million people working in the services today.

The aim of Emergency Services Day is to:

·        Promote volunteering in the emergency services

·        Promote using the emergency services responsibly

·        Educate people about a range of essential skills including how to be safe in the water, fire safety, crime prevention and basic life-saving skills, and

·        Promote the work that our emergency services do on a daily basis.

How can I join in with Emergency Services Day?

The Emergency Services ‘999’ Day will take place on 9 September, formally beginning at 9am (the ninth hour of the ninth day of the ninth month).

Further information about Emergency Services Day, including events that are taking place across the country, is available at www.999Day.org.uk.