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Elected members review polling station arrangements

by Emily Maguire

Following a recent review, the Council agreed its polling station locations at a meeting of Knowsley Council’s full Council on Wednesday 18 October.

The Council’s Polling District Review Working Group has been carrying out an interim review of the location of polling station locations, considering any issues and feedback received following previous elections.

As a result of this review and taking into account the recommendations from the Working Group, the Council agreed that the polling station for the WC2 Whiston and Cronton district should be moved to Nelson Men’s Hair shop on Greenes Road for all future elections.

Electors affected will be notified of the change via their poll cards which will be circulated in advance of elections going forward.  Alternatively, electors can request to vote by post.  For further information, call 0151 443 2222.

You can view the full report here.