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Economic Growth Scrutiny Review

by Guy Murphy

Cabinet will consider recommendations from the Economic Growth and Prosperity Scrutiny Committee following its review of the council’s Economic Growth Plan 2016 -21.

The committee explored the achievements of the current plan, how it has met the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit, as well as opportunities for the future and priorities for the next plan.

Members commended the successful delivery of new housing developments and efforts to regenerate the Borough’s town centres – contributing to a 14% increase in Knowsley’s economic growth.

The Committee also recognised the significant expansions of the Borough’s business parks, and the vital role they have played in boosting employment opportunities and attracting new businesses to Knowsley.

Enhancements to the cultural offer were also highlighted, particularly the upcoming opening of the Shakespeare North Playhouse and an increase in annual attendance.

The provision of affordable housing should continue be a priority as well as an improved offer from the private and social housing sector. Over the period of the plan some 4,500 new homes have been delivered across the borough of which 25% are affordable homes. Relationships with the private, community, voluntary and faith sectors, strengthened by the Covid pandemic, should continue to be enhanced.

Members also recommended: further development of the “Invest Knowsley” brand and a “One Front Door” approach; exploring opportunities to bolster exports arising from Freeport status for the Liverpool City Region; the continued development of social enterprises; buying low/zero emissions vehicles when renewing vehicle stock, and actions to mitigate the Borough’s carbon footprint; exploring enhancements to school and sixth form provision with a view to attracting new residents and improving the offer for existing residents.

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