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Have you signed up for e-billing?

by Gemma Melling

Did you know that you can receive your Council Tax bill electronically?

By registering online, you won’t need to worry about remembering where you put your paper bill – it will be easily accessible on your online account. Plus, it’s quick, secure, environmentally friendly and clutter free!

This is one example of how residents can help to support Knowsley Better Together, which brings people and organisations together to deliver better outcomes for Knowsley and its residents.

Under Knowsley Better Together, residents play their part by signing up to e-billing, whilst the Council will invest any money saved from printing and posting bills (estimated to be approximately £1 per household to process a paper bill) back into essential council services that residents value and need.

Register today by visiting www.knowsley.gov.uk and click on the ‘Council Tax’ icon on the home page.