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Drinking more during the pandemic? Download the Lower My Drinking app

by Sandra Issar

Life has been difficult during the pandemic and when things get tough we can find ourselves turning to alcohol to help us cope.

A new campaign – Lower My Drinking – has launched across Cheshire and Merseyside to help local people manage their drinking habits. This includes a new app which is free to download for anyone who lives or works in the area.

Lower My Drinking App

The app not only guides you to set your drinking goal, but helps you achieve it too.

It allows you to track progress, identify reasons to reduce your drinking as well as highlighting scenarios which could potentially tempt you to drink more and allow you plan how you will limit this.

As well as this, the app provides feedback and guidance, explaining side effects and the potential benefits of cutting down, including psychological, social, financial and physical.

It helps users create a plan which replaces drinking with positive activities that well help you feel good and with practical ideas including ‘drink-free’ days.

Cllr Christine Bannon, Knowsley Council Cabinet Member for Health, said:

“It’s been a tough time for everyone, and we know that the pandemic has resulted in some people drinking more and more often. As things open up, it is the perfect time to make changes to drinking habits as routines change with more people returning to work and people now being able to see family and friends. It is the time to get our health back on track and feel better about ourselves as life slowly returns to normality.”

Using the app works

The app is designed to help change how you think about alcohol and the role it plays in your life.

Lorna Smythe, 46, from St Helens knew she was drinking too much at the start of the first lockdown. The mum of four has made changes to her drinking habits and says she can’t believe how good it feels.

“I’m more positive and have been able to do more things.  I’ve even started Boxercise twice a week!  I’m getting fitter and I absolutely love it.  I’m in a much better place.”

Talking about the Lower My Drinking app, Lorna added:

“This phone app is a godsend. So much easier to tap information into the drink diary wherever you are, rather than looking for pen and paper.  It’s good to look back and reflect on your drinking habits and then you can try and improve them. You can challenge yourself to drink less the following week. People think they don’t drink that much but when you actually start monitoring it a lot of people will realise how much they do drink! The scores may even shock you. Especially compared to the recommended limits. The information and support given by the app is invaluable.”

Lower My Drinking has been designed by clinical psychologists and behavioural scientists to help you reduce your drinking to a safer level, the recommended limit of 14 units a week or less.

The launch of the app is part of a new campaign from the NHS and local councils in Cheshire and Merseyside.

To download the app visit Google Play or App Store. Get started today so you can get healthier and feel better!