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Don’t put off getting vaccinated. Protect yourself from Flu and COVID this winter

by Guy Murphy

Eligible Knowsley residents are being urged to not wait to get their COVID-19 Booster and Flu vaccinations together and instead get protected as soon as possible.

Getting vaccinated will protect you against COVID-19 and Flu as we enter the winter months when we expect to see increased transmission of illnesses.

COVID-19 Booster

Knowsley residents aged 18+, frontline health and care workers, carers and those aged 16+ with an underlying health condition are all eligible for a booster jab. You can find out more on eligibility criteria here.

The booster will be offered in order of descending age groups, with priority given to the vaccination of older adults and those in a COVID-19 at-risk group. In response to the changing risk posed by the Omicron variant, the booster will now be given no sooner than 3 months after the primary course.

To book their Booster vaccine, residents can visit the National Booking Portal, call 119 or speak to their GP.

Alternatively, they can for the latest pop-up and drop-up clinics that take place across the city region on Knowsley News.

A coronavirus (COVID-19) booster vaccine dose helps improve the protection residents have from their first 2 doses of the vaccine. It helps give residents longer-term protection against getting seriously ill from COVID-19.

Flu vaccine

Carers in Knowsley, along with people aged 50 years or over, pregnant women, people with long-term medical conditions including heart disease, diabetes, severe asthma, bronchitis, liver and kidney disease can all get their flu vaccine from their GP or eligible pharmacists.

Free vaccines are also offered to people with weakened immune systems and their household contacts, anyone who is very overweight, people living in long stay residential care homes and frontline health and social care workers.

You can find out more on the flu vaccine and eligibility here. To book visit an eligible pharmacist or contact your GP.

Cllr Christine Bannon, Cabinet Member for Health, said: “We’re urging all eligible residents to get their vaccination as soon as possible. I know that many people are waiting to have their Flu and Booster vaccines at the same time, or waiting to be invited, but don’t wait.

“If you’re eligible, get vaccinated today. It is only by getting vaccinated that you can ensure you are protected against COVID-19 and flu as we enter the critical winter period.”