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Football pitch with ball and three young players in football kits

Don’t congregate: help stop the spread of coronavirus

by Comms Team

Parents and carers are being reminded not to congregate when it comes dropping off and picking up children from school or after school / weekend activities.

With schools reopening and more activities resuming, parents and carers are being encouraged to adhere to measures aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus, which we know is easily transmitted from person to person.

As lockdown measures have eased, activities such as swimming, football, rugby, gymnastics and dance classes have become available to children once again.

Where parents and carers are permitted to stay and watch activities, social distancing will need to be observed, maintaining 2m distance from people outside of your household or bubble.

In cases where parents and carers are only permitted to drop off and pick up their children then they should follow the guidelines by leaving the site as soon as possible and not congregate with others.

Cllr Sean Donnelly, Knowsley Council Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care, said:

“Safety procedures are in place in schools and out of school activities to help stop the spread of coronavirus. It is essential that these procedures are adhered to, otherwise the risk increases of COVID-19 spreading throughout our communities and further lockdown restrictions being imposed. We are all keen to return to normal life as soon as possible but that can only be achieved if we all play our part in making sure the virus doesn’t spread.”

The best way to stop the spread of the virus is to maintain social distancing, wear a face covering where advised, regularly wash your hands with soap and water and limit interactions with others outside of your household.