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Discover what you can do online

by Laura Johnston

There’s never been a better time to discover what you can do online with Knowsley Council.  With more and more services now being available online, you can contact the council at a time, date and location to suit you.

From making an appointment with the Registrar, reporting a pothole or flytipping, or telling us about a change in your circumstances (about your income or who is living at your home), you can do it on Knowsley Council’s website.

Plus its free, quick, easy, no queues.  If you haven’t already, take a look today.

Need help getting online?

If you haven’t got a PC, there are a number of places where you can use PCs, free of charge.  This includes all of the council’s One Stop Shops, plus the borough’s libraries.

What if I don’t have the skills to get online?

There are a range of courses available across the borough, many free of charge.  From digital drop-in sessions to courses targeted to your needs – from setting up and sending emails through to using IT packages, there is something for everyone.  To find out more, call the Family And Community Education service on 0151 443 2026.

What services can I do online with Knowsley Council?

The council’s website makes it easy for you to:-

Apply for it – Housing benefit or Council Tax reduction, school places, replacement bins and planning applications

Book it – Registrars’ appointments, pest control appointment and Taxi MOT’s

Pay for it – Council Tax, Business Rates, Fixed Penalty Notices, planning applications, building control, housing act advances, housing benefit over-payments and right to buy repayments

Report it – Abandoned vehicles, potholes, faulty street lighting, missing / damaged street signs, fly tipping, litter, missed bins, dog waste, and noise pollution

In addition, on the council’s website, you can find out when your next bin collection will be, how the Knowsley Works team can help you into employment or training, who your local councillor is and where your nearest leisure centre / doctor or dentist is through the ‘My Neighbourhood’ page.

Can I receive my Council Tax bill electronically?

Yes – the Council Tax and Benefits section of the website has recently been updated enabling you to register for e-billing. Once registered you can view your Council Tax account online, apply for a sole occupier discount, change your Council Tax payment date, view your Housing Benefit and / or Council Tax reduction, upload documents if we have asked for information to support a new claim as well as setting up a direct debit.