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Corona update

Dentists work towards resumption of service

by Jonathan Kearney

Dental services across Knowsley will be able to resume from today (Monday, 8 June).

Since COVID-19 social distancing measures were put in place all non-urgent dental activity, including orthodontic care, had been suspended.

Dental practices across the region are now putting measures in place to ensure they can safely resume services.

Phone assessment
You should continue to telephone your practice in the first instance, rather than attending in person without an appointment.

When you contact your dental practice, you will be assessed over the phone and may be given advice, medication or a face to face appointment if needed.

It will be up to individual dental practices to determine the level of service they are able to safely offer based on their equipment, training and workforce capacity.

Emergency care
The first priority will be to see and treat those with urgent and emergency dental needs.

If you have an urgent dental problem and are assessed as needing a face to face appointment, you may be asked to attend one of a number of Urgent Dental Centres that have been established across the North West instead of attending your usual dental practice, even if your practice has reopened.

If you aren’t already registered with a dentist, go to www.nhs.uk/service-search/find-a-dentist or contact the dental helpline on 0161 476 9651.