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Day of Action to tackle scrambler bikes in Knowsley

by Alison Cornmell

This week Knowsley’s Crime and Communities Team supported Knowsley’s local policing team for a day of action tackling scrambler bikes.

As part of Merseyside Police’s Operation Brookdale, the police response to tackling the illegal and anti-social use of scrambler bikes, officers were in the Stadt Moers Park area of Knowsley. Officers were then deployed to hotspot areas across the borough, identified based on community intelligence shared by Knowsley’s Crime and Communities Team.

Police officers in park

During the day officers spoke to residents, encouraging them to always share information when they witness motorbikes, scrambler bikes and other illegal and anti-social electric vehicles being used in the community. A vehicle was also seized for failure to have insurance and a licence.

electric motobike

Officers also handed out leaflets about the Brakes on Scramblers campaign. Delivered by Knowsley Council, Merseyside Police and local housing associations, the Brakes On Scramblers campaign encourages the public to share information about where scramblers are being stored.

A Knowsley Council spokesperson said:

“The Brakes On campaign encourages our residents to come forward and share any information they may have about where anti-social and illegal scrambler bikes and motorbikes are stored. As well as sharing information with the police, you can report information anonymously to our Crime and Communities Team. Tell us and as a partnership, we will do the rest and take action to remove them from our streets.”

Merseyside Police continue to tackle this priority issue and since the beginning of March have had multiple successes including:

  • Officers received information that there was a high powered superbike around the Kirkby industrial estate. Officers sighted this vehicle and requested assistance form National Police Air Service. With assistance from them the bike was stung, deflating the tyres, causing the vehicle to come to a stop. Both the rider and passenger were arrested, and the bike was confirmed as being stolen.
  • Police officers sighted a motorbike being driven in an anti-social way. The bike was stopped by officers where it was soon discovered that the rider had no insurance and so the bike was seized.
  • In mid-March officers sighted a male riding a pedal cycle. Upon sighting police, the male has made into an address. Officers used their powers to enter the address and arrest the male. A search was then conducted, and a scrambler bike, e-bike and pedal cycle were seized.
  • Officers have also been targeting those riding e-scooters. One such incident saw police sighting a male riding an E-Scooter who was stopped and spoken to which lead to the vehicle has being seized and the driver summoned to court for driving licence offences and insurance offences.
  • Towards the end of march, officers sighted a motorbike being driven dangerously. The vehicle was later discovered outside an address where officers spoke to the occupant. The occupant was wearing the same clothing as the rider the officer sighted and was subsequently arrested for a number of offences and the vehicle seized.

In an emergency call 999

To report to Merseyside Police call 101 or visit www.merseyside.police.uk

Or report anonymously to:

Knowsley’s Crime and Communities Team by emailing Safer.Knowsley@knowsley.gov.uk

Crimestoppers by calling 0800 555 111