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Dads get in touch with nature thanks to grant

by Laura Johnston

A group of dads, male carers and children from Whiston recently had a real adventure, thanks to City Health Care Partnership Foundation who provide health and care services to people in Knowsley (including the Knowsley Stop Smoking service).

City Health Care Partnership Foundation offer grants to voluntary and community groups involved in improving health and wellbeing, and Whiston Area Dads Club was one of the groups to be awarded a grant of £1,000.

The group chose to do something a bit different with their money; they had a Kōmaru Bushcraft Day!

The Kōmaru Bushcraft Day was at Knowsley Safari Park and the day involved learning survival skills and putting the skills they learnt to the test.

Families took park in building shelter in the woods and lighting campfires using inventive ways. They also learnt how to find water in the woods and how to cook survival food – the families are definitely prepared for any similar situation they may find themselves in! Other survival skills that were taught included tracking animals and searching for food.

It proved to be a great day for all and particularly for one teenager with disabilities, who said how pleased he was to be able to get involved in activities with his dad and brothers.

The event’s organiser, Joe Keeley, said it was an excellent male bonding opportunity, an opportunity to work as a team, and spend time and have fun together.

After the eventful day, the group decided they would love for this activity to become an annual summer event as well as have the opportunity to participate in regular outdoor activities such as den making and orienteering throughout the year. The children agreed and suggested the idea of camping in the woods of Kōmaru overnight!

One dad said the day has made him want to go on future camping trips with his son which will provide more opportunities for the pair to bond.

The dads and children revealed that most weekend activities they do together are indoors so this event was shown to be a very unique experience.