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Cycling safety advice

by Lisa Bennett

This article was updated on 29 January 2021

Cycling in Knowsley

There’s lots of information available about cycling in Knowsley, including a cycle map with our network of cycle routes. And if you are a key worker and cycle to work, this online map will help you locate offers and services in Knowsley.

Whether you are cycling on a path, through a park or on the road, our Road Safety team has some helpful advice:

  • Before any journey, you should check that your bike is roadworthy and all tyres are inflated properly;
  • If you are cycling with children, make sure your child’s bike is the right size for them;
  • If you have to cycle on a road with children, take up a position behind them. If there are two adults in your group, it’s a good idea to have one at the back and one in front of the children;
  • Helmets are particularly recommended for young children but adults should set a good example by wearing one;
  • Set a good example, follow the Highway Code and teach children road safety and awareness.

If you are cycling on the road, the same rules of the road apply to you as they do to other cyclists and drivers:

  • Don’t jump red lights or cycle on the pavement unless it’s a designated cycle path;
  • Signal clearly at all times;
  • Cycle in a position where you can see and be seen;
  • Make eye contact with other road users, especially at junctions, then you know they’ve seen you;
  • When riding at night always use a working white front light and red backlight, plus a red rear reflector – it’s the law;
  • Brightly coloured or fluorescent clothing shows up well in the daylight and at dusk but in the dark you need to wear something reflective.

Even if you are cycling on paths inside parks or wooded areas it is important to think about the safety of other people as well as yourself;

  • Don’t go too fast – as this can intimidate others;
  • Use your bell to let others know you are approaching, but don’t assume they can hear or see you as many people have ear phones in;
  • Give way to others and always be prepared to slow down and stop if necessary.