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COVID Vaccine Champions Small Grants programme – announcement of awards

by Guy Murphy

One Knowsley has announced the first wave of awards to VCFSE organisations across the borough, who have been successful in applying for our Community Champions programme.

This Small Grants scheme is specifically designed to deliver projects and create initiatives to tackle vaccine inequality across the borough. The first 11 initial awards from the Community Vaccines Programme are listed below, with a brief explanation of the project.

Beyond Raw Materials
With pop-up spaces they will deliver seven, participatory pop-up, drop-in arts sessions across seven weeks (one per week), in community spaces across Knowsley; including: Kirkby, Prescot, Huyton, Whiston, Halewood, Cronton and Stockbridge Village.

The spaces being used will include disused shops, community centres, woodlands and parks. Participants will engage in hands-on creative arts sessions, giving them a safe space to generate confidential conversations and understanding around the Covid-19 vaccination programme. This will specifically target young, white males aged 20-34, pregnant women and families with young children.

Express Yourself
Their project will engage children and young people in a range of arts based materials and programs. Art will provide a common language to reach prioritised audiences and enable highly tailored two-way communication that starts with trusted partners such as schools, play clubs and youth groups.

Young Males Project
Evolving Mindset will be running an engagement programme with the Prescot Soccer Centre and on into the wider Prescot community. This is a popular Football focused venue in the area where every Monday evening, local amateur games are played. The programme will focus on engaging young males during this project.

Craigs Community Conversation
Craigs Community project will be sharing community conversations at the foodbank and community shop.  They will also be producing a Young Peoples video on why it is important to receive the vaccine or get boosted.

Holistic Harmonies
Will be running a 10 week singing programme for new Mums, create safe, supportive and nurturing environments in which the new mothers spend time singing but also sharing with each other the challenges they face. They are perfectly placed to have sensitive conversations about people’s vaccine choices and identify the barriers new mothers are facing. 

Working with young disabled adults in Knowsley, YARs will be producing a video to help improve vaccination numbers among 20 – 34-year-olds. They will be educating young disabled adults and asking them to share information that they will give them in weekly workshops to their friends and peers to improve the numbers.

Meadowpark Orchard – One in One
This project will deliver a bespoke project to engage people in a range of Free gardening/ food growing/ traditional craft/ woodworking & Wellbeing activities. They will primarily work from the Meadowpark Community Orchard, with the option for participants to attend free Friday afternoon cookery/ recipe swaps and connectedness drop ins at the Craigs Community Garden. We have a cohort of very well connected and trusted Community Volunteers/ activists

12 Million Minds
12 Million Minds, a community based Mental Health project, who will be running Healing Spaces to provide a space for people to heal and give them the opportunity to share information.

Starting Over Enterprises
Starting Over Enterprises will be promoting the story of vaccinations through offering art and design sessions to families. Children and families will be asked to design a leaflet aimed at encouraging people to have their vaccines and distribute these via walk and talk session throughout the local parks every Sunday.

Knowsley Foodbank
Knowsley Foodbank have a comprehensive outreach programme across the borough, with direct access to hard-to-reach people through their foodbank and food club provisions.Each foodbank will have a vaccine champion who will be responsible for the health information strategy, as well as the stocking and distributing of pre-designed, plain English materials for users to engage with.

Explore Partnership
Their project Summer Sorted will be delivered across the borough to socially isolated individuals/couples. These individuals/couples will be identified via partner organisations across the borough.

The project will allow the opportunity for individuals to talk to trusted voices, to build confidence., increase vaccine awareness among the group and lead to more informed decision making.

For more information about applying for a Community Vaccine Champion Small Grants, the next deadline is the 29th April. You can find more information and how to apply here https://oneknowsley.org/community-vaccine-champions/

The Community Vaccine Champions Programme is delivered by One Knowsley, co-produced with Knowsley Council and is funded by the Department for Levelling UP, Housing & Communities.