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COVID-19 vaccine to be rolled out in schools

by Guy Murphy

The UK Government has announced that all children aged 12-15 in England will be offered one dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 jab as part of a schools-based vaccination programme.

The announcement follows advice from the UK’s chief medical officers who believe the jab will help reduce the type of disruption to education that was previously seen during the pandemic.

When the programme is ready to be rolled out, eligible Knowsley children will receive invitations to attend a vaccination appointment and parental consent will be required. 12-15-year-olds will currently only receive a single dose of the vaccine. No further details on the vaccination programme have been released at this time.

Dr Sarah McNulty, Director of Public Health at Knowsley Council, said: “Although the level of risk posed to healthy 12–15-year-olds from COVID-19 is relatively low, we do know that it is having a continued impact on their long-term prospects through disruption to education.

“Vaccinating children will reduce COVID-19 transmission both in the classroom and the wider community, with a number of household cases in Knowsley being linked back to schools.

“I would urge parents who are unsure about having their child vaccinate to speak to their Dr and visit the NHS website for further information.”

Cllr Christine Bannon, Cabinet Member for Health, said: “Although COVID-19 does not pose a serious health issue to healthy children, we are seeing children still suffering from the symptoms and feeling generally unwell.

“Vaccinating young people will help reduce the spread of the virus and therefore the number of children feeling unwell and staying off school.”

Further details on the vaccine rollout programme in Knowsley schools will be issued in due course.