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Have you visited the council’s website lately?

by Laura Johnston

More council services are now available on the council’s website meaning you can contact the council at a time, date and place to suit you.

Simply, click on ‘online services’ from the home page and then ‘register for an online services account.’ Once registered, you can instantly view your Council Tax and benefits information, set up a direct debit and register for e-billing for your Council Tax.

The council’s website makes it easy for you to:-

Apply for it – Housing benefit or Council Tax reduction, school places, replacement bins and planning applications

Book it – Registrars’ appointments, pest control appointment and Taxi MOT’s

Pay for it – Council Tax, Business Rates, Fixed Penalty Notices, planning applications, building control, housing act advances, housing benefit over-payments and right to buy repayments

Report it – Abandoned vehicles, potholes, faulty street lighting, missing / damaged street signs, fly tipping, litter, missed bins, dog waste, and noise pollution.

If you need help to set up an account, Digital Champions are on-hand to help you in each of the One Stop Shops, where you can also access a PC or tablet to help you to get online.  If you need a helping hand with your digital skills, then Knowsley Family and Community Education service are offering a range of digital courses (many free of charge) delivered in over 40 locations across the borough.  To find out more or to discuss what would be the right course for you, call the team on 0151 443 2026.

Discover what you can do today on the council’s website.