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A large group photo comprising police officers in yellow high vis jackets, litter picking volunteers and other members of the community. At the front of the group are two officers on quad bikes.

Council services join partners for EVOLVE Day of Action in Page Moss

by Jonathan Kearney

Environmental Health officers carrying out sewer rat baiting in Page MossServices from across Knowsley Council took part in a Day of Action in and around Jubilee Park in Page Moss on Friday 26 January.

The Day of Action marked one year since the launch of the Merseyside Police EVOLVE campaign to tackle serious and organised crime within areas of Knowsley and Liverpool.

EVOLVE Liverpool-Knowsley was officially launched last January 27, in parts of Huyton, Longview, Yewtree, Dovecot, Page Moss and immediate surrounding areas in response to the murders of nine-year-old Olivia Pratt Korbel, 29-year-old Ashley Dale and 22-year-old Sam Rimmer.

The project sees police and partners including Knowsley Council working closely together in communities impacted by serious and organised crime to create stronger, safer and more resilient neighbourhoods.

As part of the Day of Action, activity carried out by Knowsley Council included:


  • Supported Environmental Health team in clearing fly-tipping
  • General waste and glass removed from surrounding streets
  • Litter picking
  • Overgrown private piece of land on Woolfall Crescent completely cleared with team removing fly tipping, litter and self-sown trees
  • Mechanically swept the channels and footpaths on the entire Huyton House Estate
  • Removed all the epicormic growth from the street trees in the area.

Environmental Health

  • XL Bully-type dog barking aggressively in front garden reported to Police
  • Twenty manhole covers re-visited and sewer rat baiting carried out
  • Food hygiene inspections carried out in the area.

Trading Standards/Licensing

  • Inspections carried out at three licensed premises to check for any non-compliance
  • Five licensed vehicle inspections carried out, with three minor defects/non-compliances found.

Crime and Communities team

  • Carried out a letter drop on Twig Lane and Cotsford Road, providing information about reporting anti-social behaviour
  • Engaged with local businesses along Liverpool Road to discuss about any issues.

Councillor Shelley Powell, Knowsley Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities and Neighbourhoods, said: “Serious and organised crime has no place in our communities.

“The EVOLVE campaign has already helped dismantle criminal enterprises in Knowsley and we will continue to work closely with partner agencies to ensure people feel safe and happy where they live, without the fear of organised crime disrupting their lives.

“This ongoing commitment to our residents will not stop. We must continue to work together to tackle organised crime and leave criminals with nowhere left to turn.”

You can find out more about the EVOLVE Day of Action here.