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Council to re-consider services for adults

by Gemma Melling

Knowsley Council has confirmed that it will explore a range of options for the future delivery of specialist services for adults in the borough.

Currently, day services for older people and those with disabilities, respite care, supported living and the Shared Lives programme are delivered by the council’s own in-house teams.  As part of its Adult Social Care Modernisation Programme, the council has been looking at alternative ways of creating more responsive, higher quality and better value for money services.  Most recently, the council was looking into proposals to launch a partnership with Sefton Council’s New Directions company.

Councillor Sean Donnelly, Knowsley’s Health and Social Care Cabinet Member, said: “We know that our residents’ adult social care needs are changing and we need to make sure we can continue to provide the support they need.  Significant changes have already taken place, driven by the introduction of new legislation and funding cuts, but more change is needed to make the service sustainable in the long-term.

“Over the last few weeks, we have looked again at this key issue for Knowsley.  After much consideration, I and my colleagues in the council’s Labour Group have concluded that we should focus our attention on developing a range of services alongside local partners with a view to creating a “Knowsley offer”.  This approach is in line with our Knowsley Better Together programme, which aims to connect new and future organisations in the borough to work more closely together in meeting the needs of the local community.  Having a local approach will complement the need to provide “place-based” care for our residents.

“We will therefore no longer be pursuing a partnership with Sefton’s New Directions company, but we wish that organisation well in caring for the people of Sefton now and in the future.”