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Council meeting on 6 March 2024

by Jonathan Kearney

Knowsley Council is aware of allegations that an incident took place outside the Council building on Wednesday night (6 March 2024) whilst the Council’s budget meeting was taking place.

There are social media reports circulating, as well a report made to Merseyside Police, of an alleged assault, and more specifically that a protestor was “attacked” by a Security Guard, who was supplied by an external agency to the Council.

Given the serious nature of the allegation, the Council immediately contacted Merseyside Police and asked them to attend.

The Council has also obtained the CCTV footage, which has been shared with Merseyside Police.

Given the allegations made, Knowsley Council wants to be as transparent as possible and provide appropriate reassurance to members of the public.  To achieve this while protecting the rights of all involved, the Council is making available a redacted version of the footage, so that people can see for themselves what happened.

The Council is also particularly concerned that children were putting themselves at risk by climbing on buildings during this particular incident.

The matter is now with Merseyside Police for them to determine whether any matters will be taken any further.