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Council agrees key actions for the final year of the Knowsley Plan 2022-25

by Guy Murphy

The delivery plan for the final year of the Knowsley Council Plan 2022-25 was agreed at a meeting of full Council on Wednesday 6 March.

Following approval of the 2024/25 plan at Cabinet on 21 February 2024, members were provided with the proposed key actions based the plan’s priorities, and the opportunities and challenges facing the Council over the coming year.

The report also highlighted the important role partners will have in the delivery of the plan. Local authorities across the country are operating in an extremely challenging environment which makes it difficult for the Council to achieve its objectives alone. Instead, the Council will play a ‘place leader’ role and drive a Knowsley Better Together approach, working partnership with other agencies, businesses and local communities where required.

At the meeting, members agreed the following five key actions:

  • Hardship and Financial Inclusion Support – continuing the delivery of the Knowsley Better Together Hardship Programme. This includes maintaining support, advice and guidance, reviewing the Council’s Emergency Support Scheme, and enabling access to temporary accommodation as required for residents who are threatened with homelessness
  • Improving Children’s Services – including improving the quality of practice in the Children’s Social Care service and improving support to care experienced people
  • Inclusive Growth – continuing the delivery of the borough’s housing and town centre developments despite the funding constraints relating to certain schemes
  • Reductions in Health Inequalities – continuing to deliver the Council-related recommendations contained in the Cheshire and Merseyside “All Together Fairer” Health Inequalities Report
  • Climate Emergency and Achieving “Net Zero” – continuing to progress the actions within the Council’s Net Zero Delivery Plan, including the decarbonisation of Council buildings and fleet vehicles, the reduction of energy consumption across the borough’s lighting infrastructure, climate change mitigation measures, and awareness raising and behaviour change within local communities.

What is the Knowsley Council Plan 2022-25

The Knowsley Council Plan 2022-25 is a key document that sets out the long-term objectives of the Council and is based around three themes:

  • Effective Support for those in Need – ensuring that all Knowsley residents are able to access necessary support and services
  • Inclusive Growth and Skills – ensuring that all of Knowsley’s communities are able to share in the opportunities from local economic growth
  • Achieving Net Zero 2040 – ensuring that the Council plays a leading role in local action to address the Climate Emergency.

These themes are underpinned by a number of key priorities:

  • Continuing to support residents during the ongoing cost of living crisis
  • Improving the quality of practice in Children’s Social Care and implementing the Children’s Social Care National Framework, continuing to invest in the long-term sustainability of the Council’s Social Care workforce, and improving the support given to care experienced people
  • Continuing to progress the work undertaken to raise awareness and identify actions across the Council and with partner agencies to address the exacerbation of inequalities caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis, with a particular focus on childhood obesity and female life expectancy
  • Progressing ambitious plans for the borough in terms of town centres, housing, green spaces, and employment land within the context of challenging economic conditions
  • Adapting to deal with significant national, regional, and local health and social care policy changes
  • Continuing to provide essential services effectively in the existing climate of uncertainty regarding future funding levels which severely limits the Council’s ability to plan for the medium-term.

You can read the full report here.