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Could you change a child’s life with a loving home?

by Laura Johnston

There are children in our region waiting right now for adoption and some will wait longer than a year, that’s the message currently appearing on TV and radio adverts across the region as part of Adopt North West’s new campaign.

Knowsley Council is one of 22 local authorities involved in Adopt North West, a regional awareness campaign highlighting the need for families for children waiting the longest to be adopted and breaking down the myths about adoption.
There’s a real need for loving, adoptive families for children aged three and over, also for sibling groups and children from ethnic minorities and with dual heritage. Boys will also wait longer than girls for a forever family.

Cllr Joan Lilly, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, said:

“Adoption really can change a child’s life and there’s a real need for people to provide families for siblings, older children and those from ethnic minorities, so I hope more people will come forward as we continue to raise awareness of the children in need of a forever family as part of the Adopt North West campaign.”

All kinds of people adopt, if you’d like to find out more adoption and whether it’s right for you please visit the campaign’s website.