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Graphic with words take steps to improve your health and the planet this Clean Air Day

Clean Air Day 2022: help improve the air quality and your health

by Sandra Issar

You may be surprised to learn that no matter where you live in the world air pollution is the biggest environmental threat to our health, which is why Knowsley Council is supporting Clean Air Day on 16 June.

The theme for 2022 ‘air pollution dirties every organ in your body’ highlights how air pollution can harm every organ in your body and can shorten our lives, contribute towards chronic illness and put us more at risk from COVID-19. Yet we can all have a positive impact on air quality.

What can you do to help reduce air pollution?

There are some simple things we can all do to reduce the impact from air pollution on our health and that of others.

Top three actions:

  • Walk, cycle and scoot more, especially using the back roads away from polluting traffic.
  • If you do have to drive, switch your engine off when you’re stationary, and try to choose electric vehicles where you can.
  • Avoid unnecessary burning – and use ready to burn materials whenever you burn, especially if you rely on wood for your heating.

More information and ideas on things you can do to reduce air pollution are available on the Clean Air Hub.

What is Knowsley Council doing?

 Knowsley Council is encouraging staff to make a Clean Air Day pledge, to leave the car at home and walk, cycle or car share on 16 June – and beyond.

Many schools will have special assemblies dedicated to educating pupils about air pollution with resources and support from the council’s Environmental Health Team.

After a great response last year, the council is again asking taxi companies to inform their drivers about Clean Air Day and remind them to switch off engines when their vehicle is stationary.

The Council declared a ‘Climate Emergency’ in January 2020 and committed to becoming ‘Net Carbon Zero’ across the council’s estates and services by 2040. The Council has also committed to working with partnership organisations to reduce boroughwide carbon emissions, including through transport, which will in turn improve the air quality of the borough.

Cllr Shelley Powell, Knowsley Council Cabinet Member for Communities and Neighbourhoods, said:

 “I’m delighted to be supporting Clean Air Day, it’s a chance for us all to find out more about air pollution and how it can impact our health and to discover the simple actions we can all take to make the air cleaner and healthier for everyone. Opting to leave the car at home and instead walk or cycle to school or work, is probably one of the easiest ways we can all do our bit to cut air pollution.


“As a council we are committed to reducing emissions from our own building and services to net Zero by 2040 and improving local air quality will be one of the positives to come about as a result of this action.”

To get involved in clean air day and learn more about how air pollution could be impacting your health, visit the Clean Air Day website.