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Knowsley Superintendent Karl Baldwin

Christmas crime prevention advice from Knowsley Superintendent

by Jonathan Kearney

Superintendent for Knowsley, Karl Baldwin, is giving Knowsley residents a policing update for the area, as well as some prevention advice for the coming festive season.

Response times

“It’s good to be able to start by saying that for the last month our emergency response times in Knowsley have been consistently excellent. Officers arrived at 90% of emergency incidents on, or before, time.  The Response and Patrol Team are doing a fantastic job getting out to emergency incidents, so you can have confidence when you need us that we’re coming.

“Additionally, I’m pleased to say that since April 2023 we’ve seen a 28% reduction in offences of robbery, a 30% reduction in offences of serious violence, as well as reductions in recorded offences of burglary and numbers of people being killed or seriously injured on Knowsley’s roads. Of course there is still much work to do. One victim is one victim too many.

Parcel thefts

“Unfortunately we’ve seen an increase in parcel thefts from delivery vehicles, people’s doorsteps and inside porches, and I’d expect that trend to keep rising in the run up to Christmas.

“Be assured that we’re already taking action to prevent future offences and track down those responsible. Without going into a level of detail that would give criminals an edge, we’re using trackers in parcels and working with several different retailers and parcel delivery services. Tracked parcels are being distributed across the Merseyside delivery network. Any parcel that a thief chooses to take could be one we’re tracking.”

“If you’re expecting a high value delivery, I’d still arrange to have it delivered to someone you trust who’s going to be in, or have it delivered to a parcel locker.


“On the subject of tracking and trackers, I would urge parents: if you’re buying a bike or an e-bike this Christmas for your child – spend the extra money and buy a tracker to go with it. E-bikes are incredibly attractive to thieves.  I understand it’s more money to find at an expensive time of year, but we have a much better chance of getting it back for you if it’s got a tracker.

Theft in the run up to Christmas

“Based on past experience, I’d predict a spike in acquisitive crime in the weeks before Christmas. Acquisitive crime are offences such as burglary and theft. Sadly, it’s things like children’s Christmas presents that get targeted.  I’d strongly advise people to start taking preventative steps: lights on timers, keeping valuables out of sight, having CCTV cameras on and visible – even just keeping your gate closed and padlocked can make the difference.

“Each year, Merseyside Police runs Operation Shepherd which is designed to tackle these crime types. In Knowsley, we do all we can to prevent people becoming a victim during the festive period.

“Just in the last few weeks, we’ve tracked down several prolific thieves, charged them and put them before the courts. Of note, we charged four people with robbery from an incident that took place on the 22 November in Kirkby and charged ten individuals with 38 counts of retail theft.

“The officers and staff on all of Knowsley’s policing teams will continue to work hard preventing crime and finding those responsible when it does happen.

Drink and drug driving

“Finally, I need to talk about something that a minority of people in Knowsley are still doing, despite knowing full well it’s illegal and dangerous: drink and drug driving.

“Since April 2023 we’ve arrested 460 drink and drug drivers in Knowsley and as we enter the festive period, I’m expecting this number to unfortunately increase. To keep us all safe whilst we’re using the roads, we’ve stepped up roadside checks and we’ll be deploying breathalysers and drug wipes as standard right into early January, but we need your support.

“If a friend or family member is going to get behind the wheel when they’re in any way intoxicated, don’t let them.  They might not thank you at the time, but you have the potential to save multiple lives. It’s just the right thing to do.

“I hope everyone in Knowsley has a safe, peaceful, and happy Christmas. My officers and I will be here if you need us.”

“If you have questions or concerns about how to keep yourself, your property or your home safe you can drop into Huyton or Kirkby police station, direct message @merpolCC, or visit the Merseyside Police website https://www.merseyside.police.uk/

Please follow Knowsley Local Policing social media pages on Facebook and X for regular updates from your policing teams about what’s happening in the area.”