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Children in Knowsley learn how to stay safe on scooters

by Laura Johnston

Knowsley’s Road Safety team have been busy delivering scooter safety messages to children in reception classes in Knowsley recently.

According to national Road Safety statistics, there is a noticeable increase in the number of children involved in accidents while using a scooter particularly after the Christmas period. This is why the messages are so important during this time of year.

Each child in reception is given a book called Why animals can’t ride scooters and you can to take home for their parents to also be aware of the dangers and the importance of knowing how to stay safe.

Why animals can’t ride scooters and you can takes a humorous approach to make learning about scooter safety more enjoyable for the children.

Schools are also given an animated version so that the resource can be used on an interactive board and children can be more involved.

Parents will also receive a letter reminding them of the potential for collisions and injuries along with advice on keeping their child safe on their scooter.

For a long time, the Road Safety team has been developing and delivering a comprehensive programme of education, training and publicity for Knowsley’s children and young people, their teachers, parents and guardians.

Road safety education in the borough has been designed to help children and young people to understand and manage risks that they may encounter.

Fortunately, the number of children injured or killed on roads in Knowsley has reduced but constant effort is made to reduce the numbers even further.

Cllr Graham Morgan, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Development, said: “While children using scooters is often encouraged since its great exercise and lots of fun, it can put children at risk when near roads which is why it is so important to pay attention to. The work our Road Safety team is doing is invaluable but we urge parents to take some time to discuss road safety with their child too.”