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Changes to Huyton and Kirkby One Stop Shop opening hours from Monday 1 April 2019


The council has updated its website to make it even easier for you to contact the council online.

In addition, more and more services are available online meaning you can contact the council from your mobile, tablet or PC at a time and place to suit you. From setting up a direct debit for your Council Tax, finding out when you bin will be collected to reporting dog fouling or a faulty street light, it’s all available online!

As you will be aware, the council is facing significant budget challenges as funding from central government has been drastically reduced.  In order to make savings, the council has reviewed its services once again to identify where savings can be made.  Some services have been completed stopped or reduced, whilst others are being delivered different – for example by being available online via the council’s website.

As part of this review, the council’s One Stop Shop opening hours in Huyton and Kirkby will be reducing from 1 April 2019 reflect reduced visitors to these One Stop Shops as well as allowing resources to move to the Contact Centre to assist with an increase in demand from customers phoning in during peak times.

From Monday 1 April 2019, the One Stop Shops in Huyton and Kirkby will be open from 10am until 2pm Monday to Friday.  To ensure your enquiry can be adequately dealt with, please arrive no later than 1.30pm. You can still access the PCs and self-serve payment machines between 9am and 5pm each day, it’s just enquiries with One Stop Shop staff that are affected.

The opening hours for Halewood and Prescot remain unchanged.

If you haven’t already taken a look at what you can do online, visit the Knowsley Council website today!